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Car dealers and retailers do it all the time. Why can’t we?

We’ve got several 2016 loans that need to be cleared out in order to make room for the new models. Here’s a sample of some of the deals we’re offering:
  • A brand new auto loan with a rate as low as 1.50%!
  • Looking for a 10, 15, 20 or 30-year mortgage? We’ve got plenty of inventory, with rates as low as 2.75%!
  • Want to do some home renovations? You can get a home equity loan as low as 2.74%!
  • Need to do a little Christmas shopping? How about a signature loan with a rate as low as 8.65%!
No matter what kind of loan you’re shopping for, you’re sure to find it at a great deal during our end-of-the-year loan clearance sale.

To see more of our fall 2016 Connections newsletter, click here.

CardValet™ is Here!

Debit cards offer both convenience and risk. You can make purchases as easily as using credit, but if your card falls in the wrong hands, your personal accounts are vulnerable. Very soon, you’ll be able to safeguard your information with CardValet™, the mobile app that lets you deactivate your debit card when it’s not in use. Protect your debit card against fraud and theft by turning it on and off, and get real-time alerts to ensure your card is used only by you.

CardValet™ lets you:

  • Turn your debit card on and off
  • Establish transaction controls for dollar amount limits, merchant categories and geographic locations
  • Receive alerts when your debit card is used, approved or exceeds the transaction controls set by you
  • Stay informed of potential fraud with alerts on attempted, declined transactions
  • Get real-time balances for your accounts
Download CardValet™ today at iTunes or Google Play!

See more about CardValet™ with the video below!

We Just Opened Over 5,000 New Locations

Well, sort of. With Co-Op’s Shared Branch network, you can go to thousands of credit unions across the country and conduct business with your LifeWay Credit Union account just like you were standing in our own lobby.

Click here for more information on Co-Op’s Shared Branch network and locations near you.

Drive In For a New Car Loan

Auto Loan Rates as low as 1.75%

Beaman Auto Preferred Purchase Program

Do you enjoy the process of buying a car or truck? Most people don’t. Now through Beaman Automotive, LifeWay Credit Union members have a hassle free way to purchase a vehicle.

Beaman Automotive has developed a special pricing program whereby LifeWay Credit Union members have a definitive pricing structure available only through credit union membership. Because of this, credit union members can purchase vehicles at tremendous savings.

     Click here to enter the Beaman Auto Preferred Purchase Program web site.

     Click here for loan rates

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